Program costs

Program costs include:

  • tuition fees for the course selected (3 ECTS or 6 ECTS credits), and
  • costs of social and cultural events, as well as field trips included in the Program.

Please, note that program costs DO NOT include:

  • travel between your home country and Spain,
  • visa (if required),
  • health/accidents insurance,
  • local transportation (except when arranged by the Program for some field trips),
  • food (except when provided by the Program in some events), and
  • accommodation.

We will provide information for finding accommodation for interested students.

Students from any university receive a 200 euros discount if they complete their application (applications are complete when we receive the non-refundable application fee) within the early-bird discount period (until February 28). Additionally, students from Partner Universities* receive another 200 euros discount. Therefore, students from Partner Universities receive a 400 euros discount if they complete their application during the early-bird discount period.

Please, see the table below for the Program costs (since the non-refundable application fee is considered part of the Program costs, an admitted applicant must register by paying the Program costs shown in this table minus the already paid non-refundable application fee of 75.00 euros):

* Definition of Partner University: At the effect of applying the Partner discount, a Partner University is:

  1. Any university that holds a valid international agreement with UAM in which UAM’s Faculty of Economics and Business Studies participates, or with SpaCIE.
  2. Any university that actively promotes the SSMACC among its students, even if it has not signed an agreement. This can be shown by featuring information about the SSMACC in its Web or by your International Relations Office informing us of the promotion of the SSMACC or the approval of credits transfer.

Refund policy: You would be entitled to a refund ONLY if the Program is cancelled by UAM or SpaCIE, except the non-refundable application fee, which is never refunded.